Mentorship has been the single biggest game changer for me- whether it was learning different osteopathic approaches, receiving support in my business or having someone shine the light for my soul's true essence to emerge, it has shaped me into someone I'm truly proud to have become!

It would be an honour to hold space for you during your own journey, from navigating  the intuitive worlds of healing and conscious expansion to supporting the practicalities of running a business or professional practice - I tailor all my mentorship to be as bespoke and unique as you!

Professional Mentorship

If you are a health care practitioner or clinic owner looking to find more balance, peace and joy in your work and service to others, it would be an honour to hold space for you.


I specialise in helping you understand the nature of private health care businesses and what makes YOUR practice workforce you! 


We will dive deep into mindset, understanding what lessons and challenges you are being asked to transcend and create a pathway forward with tangible actions and goals so you can both dream up and live your ideal work-life balance! 

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Personal Mentorship


Being in the healing world for over 13 years I have come to understand a lot about how we humans move and heal through our lives. 


Having dedicated the past 10 years of my life to healing and conscious expansion I am excited to offer space for others to grow and explore themselves in a safe, creative and loving way.

My work focuses on tapping into your body, learning to uncover the messages it sends, learning to listen to your intuition and help you find the deeper guidance that's already within you. That's what true mentorship is- helping you find YOUR path authentic to YOU.

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