The universe has your back.

It's all unfolding perfectly in perfect timing - always.

Your life is the medicine.

Healing is here for you because it exists in every facet of your life.

Your thoughts become your reality

You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.



I’ve always believed if you live right,
then once is enough.

As an Osteopathic Practitioner and clinic owner, I use my understanding of the human body and my passion for living life to the fullest to empower others to step into the best version of themselves.

My courses, retreats and mentorship programs are all designed to help you make the mind, body, soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.



I've always wanted to be a healer. I was intrigued by the concept of the human body, how it all goes together, how it works, and how it could be "fixed".

I started my journey as a Health Science Major at the University of Waterloo with aspirations to apply for medical school. While at University a few twists of fate connected me to the world of osteopathy and as if I lightbulb went off I realised that Osteopathy perfectly encompassed my love for anatomy as well as my deep desire to connect one-on-one with patients in a profound and impactful way. 

Over the past 13 years my love for working with patients one on one has evolved to working with groups, running retreats and offering mentorship to others seeking many of the same answers I once sought. Outside of my practice I am an avid traveller and a creative curious. I like trying new art projects or modalities and love to make things beautiful!

I am married to a wonderful man and we share our country home with a pack of 3 Pyrenees rescue pups and a magical kitty who is always keen to join in on my meditation sessions!

One of my most creative spaces happens to be the kitchen. I love exploring new flavours and textures and learning about other cultures through their food. I also love infusing medicinal herbs and foods into my creations, combining my love of healing, food and creativity all together!

Owning my own business for 13 years has been the biggest challenge of my life and has pushed me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count! It has led me down the path of self development and deep contemplation where I have found myself many times over, ever improving and evolving.

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"You learn quickly that you can change ANYTHING around you and it's usually easy to do- you just have to take the first step."

Kathleen Stevens,
Osteopathic Practitioner & Clinic Owner

"I'm no longer seeking outside validation. My relationship with myself, my friends, my family, my job, my food, my finances, my mindset have completely changed."

Erica Bradley,
Professional Singer & Legal Professional