Whether you're on a personal healing journey or are a clinical practitioner empowering others to heal,
I am here to remind you: You already have all the medicine you need within you.

I am here to help you on your journey to understanding the human body, connecting with your higher self,
and igniting your passion for the most ecstatic life you could ever imagine.

This is how you heal. This is how you heal everyone around you.

Let's dive in.





Healing is never linear.

No matter where you are in your journey, I would be honoured to share the wisdoms that have come into my life through my 13 years of clinical experience combined with the powerful teachings of the inspiring mentors I am so grateful to have worked with over the years.

If you're interested to hear more about the kinds of things we're learning over at my clinic, check it out anywhere you normally get your podcasts!

Podcast: Healing Better


Resources for every stage of your self-healing journey.


I offer one-on-one mentorship for both practitioners and those on their own healing journey. 

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I offer online courses to support both practitioners and individuals step into their most powerful self.

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I offer luxurious group retreats as well as bespoke personalized healing retreats all around the world.

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I've compiled some free resources here to help support you even more in your self-healing journey. Enjoy!

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Learning from someone who has walked before you is the fastest way to get there yourself.

Even though we're a smaller community, there are pretty awesome humans on team osteo. It's time we all start hanging out!

This community is all about expanding your professional knowledge, personal growth, and building authentic and lasting connections with osteos who are just as committed as you!

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Hello, my friends!



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I’ve always believed if you live right, then once is enough.

As an Osteopathic Practitioner and clinic owner, I use my understanding of the human body and my passion for living life to the fullest to empower others to step into the best version of themselves.

My courses, retreats and mentorship programs are all designed to help you make the mind, body, soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.

"You learn quickly that you can change ANYTHING around you and it's usually easy to do- you just have to take the first step."

Kathleen Stevens,
Osteopathic Practitioner & Clinic Owner

"I'm no longer seeking outside validation. My relationship with myself, my friends, my family, my job, my food, my finances, my mindset have completely changed."

Erica Bradley,
Professional Singer & Legal Professional
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