Before we begin...which of these aligns most to where you're going in the next 12 months?

The Osteo Collective

  • Operating as a solo practitioner or independent contractor 
  • Want to focus on mastering  and refining your craft as a clinician and practice owner in the next 12 mos
  • Looking for an osteo exclusive community for support and growth
  • Want more control over your practice, time & income

The Osteo Collective Business Mastermind

  • You have an established practice & want to expand beyond 1-on-1 tx
  • Have big project dreams you are ready to bring to fruition in the next 12 mos
  • Want to be apart of a powerful Think-Tank for Osteo Business owners only!
  • Looking to diversify revenue so you can practice or retire on your terms

Are you worried you'll be judged  and are alone when dealing with tough challenges in your osteo practice?


You've spent thousands of hours and dollars in school just waiting for the day you'd have your OWN practice...

And now that you have your own practice, you may have started to feel a little discouraged...

  • Asking yourself, "why are my clients NOT rebooking?"
  • The people closest to you complain you're too consumed with work
  •  Having a waitlist you can't get on top of - so you just keep adding hours... 
  • Dreading you'll get an angry email from a patient who left your office feeling worse than when they walked in.
  • Finding yourself doing a ton of pro-bono work while privately struggling to pay your bills?
  • Wanting to improve your skills but feeling  not passionately drawn to anything
  • Disappointed that the career you thought would give you ultimate flexibility only makes you feel chronically tied down
  • The better you get at your work, the more you feel it in your body
  • Feeling like you just got started and are already totally burnt out!

Well, it's time to come out of the shadows... because you are DEFINITELY not alone.

At the end of the day, there are very few people who do this kind of work. Most osteos are looking to live a comfortable, balanced life while getting to serve others seeking the same.

Osteopathy is an incredible profession that can offer so much healing to this world  alongside a great lifestyle, but only if practitioners like you can find the balance to do this incredibly rewarding work for many years to come.

Welcome to the Osteo Collective. 
We're here to hold up the light so you YOU CAN SHINE AGAIN!

All the tools you need to go from terrified & tired to thriving & tranquil!

Welcome to the Osteo Collective Mastermind.  This 12-month program (beginning December 1st, 2023) is not only going to transform your practice, but your entire life!

Step out of how you THINK you should be practicing, and step into the most ALIGNED VERSION OF PRACTICE FOR YOU!

Sign me up!

Here's what a year in the collective looks like....

Continuing Education 

Exclusive quarterly courses to blow your mind and transform your practice!

Every quarter we will release courses and workshops (most of which will count towards CEU hours) for you to attend live, or you can watch the replay later. These fundamental courses will transform your practice as an osteopath, a business owner, and as a human being.

Quarterly Journals

Learn. Reflect. Grow.

Every quarter you will receive a unique journal that will map out and support you in your clinical and personal growth.

Each journal will offer you powerful reflection questions, curated clinical research (including studies and articles), self care practices and top recommendations (from books to podcasts).

Private Community

Get real advice from people really doing the work.

Get off of social media and connect in our private community that will become your go-to place! Hear from other osteos and get valuable insight and ideas from esteemed colleagues.

Monthly Live Calls

Get live help and drop the guilt & fear ASAP!

Every month, join a live call with Geneviève who will answer your pre-submitted and live questions, so you leave with a clear solution to any problem. All questions will be answered and calls are recorded for replay!


Guest Speakers

The best learn from the best.

In addition to bringing you fantastic osteopathic education, we are delighted to bring you incredible experts from a variety of fields all to support you and your practice growing beyond your wildest dreams!

When it comes to practice, we're here to turn on your parasympathetics.

Wash off the stress of trying to figure it all out yourself. We've been there, done that. This is all about supporting you to find a place of peace and balance, no matter what's going on in your world.

Let's Get Started!

The Osteo Collective is perfect for you if...

  • You're a solo practitioner who wants years of experience available at your fingertips when it come complex patients, situations and practice problems this is the right place!
  • You're a savvy seasoned practitioner looking to expand your practice and grow your business exponentially so you can spend more time doing what you love. (If this sounds like you, make sure to check out our business mastermind!)
  • You want to be able to do this work for as long as YOU choose (and not feel scared that your body won't hold up)
  • You are serious about becoming an exceptional practitioner who values providing exceptional care
  • You are committed to personal growth and you're willing to do the work
  • You are looking for osteo besties who get you on a soul level
  • You want to break the mold and practice in ways that FEEL GOOD for you
  • You want to trade pressure for pleasure
  • You want a VIP experience by having the solutions* to your biggest problems come to YOU

    *...yep - we come with a lot of solutions!

So here's what to expect over the next 12 months:


For far less than the cost of a mediocre employee, and more specific than any expert out there... This mastermind is designed to accelerate any osteopathic practice no matter where you're at in your career. 
Here's everything you'll receive:

✅ A welcome package to get you started on mapping out your future professional growth

✅ A quarterly selection of curated workshops and CEU courses only available in this mastermind. These workshops will expand your practice to align to your highest visions - and make them a reality!

✅ Monthly Live Q&A calls to have your most pressing practice questions solved on the spot!

 Quarterly digital journals full of osteopathic research, case studies, recommendations, self care and more!

✅ A 24/7 private osteo community where you can share your wins and get help when you need it most!

✅ A holistic approach to your practice - we'll be supporting you through clinical challenges, practitioner self care (physical, emotional and energetic), running and expanding your  business and upgrading your personal & professional mindset 

✅ 2 streams available - one for solo practitioners and another for seasoned practitioners looking to expand into business beyond just their patient base


Imagine in a year from now...


⭐️ You've tapped into the PERFECT number of patients for YOU - and are consistently booked no matter the week

⭐️You no longer feel guilt or overwhelm surrounding your bookings and waitlist

⭐️You are working ONLY the hours you WANT to work

⭐️You have more time for your family, friends and hobbies than EVER BEFORE

⭐️ You are able to turn work off in your brain - making your down time truly YOURS

⭐️Hitting all your financial goals while seeing fewer patients and working fewer hours

⭐️You take off all the time you want...and ENJOY it.

⭐️You really LOVE the person you keep showing up as every single day

⭐️ You have an unshakable confidence in your work and career trajectory  


This CAN be your reality. It's simply on the other side of your willingness to invest in yourself! We are here to tick off every single box above WITH YOU - and so so much MORE!


An investment that will pay dividends... Guaranteed!


If you don't make three times your investment back by the end of this program, we'll work with you one-on-one until you do... for FREE! (That's how much we believe in this!)

Some of our included and exclusive online workshops:

  • Holidays at the Clinic:  How to use the holiday season to create more fun, stability, and downtime for a great New Year
  • Developing Clinical and Medical Intuition: Learn objective tools to tap into your deepest clinical potential
  • Schedule Mastery:  Creating scheduled flows that empower your practice and provide you with freedom of your most valuable asset: TIME
  • Osteopathic Treatments for Body Diversity: Uncover hidden stigma and bias in healthcare and how you can provide exceptional care to every body regardless of patient and practitioner size
  • Hypopressive Training for Pelvic Health: Help your patients better understand how to care for their core to heal prolapse & incontinence

...And that's just the beginning!

*The above courses are included as part of the basic plan in The Osteo Collective &  Business Mastermind *

Learning from someone who has walked before you is the fastest way to get there yourself.

Even though we're a smaller community, there are pretty awesome humans on team osteo. It's time we all start hanging out! This community is all about expanding your professional knowledge, personal growth, and building authentic and lasting connections with osteos who are just as committed as you!

So, let's recap:

Sign up with one of our exclusive 2023 founders rates:

The Osteo Collective: Monthly

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The Osteo Collective: Annually

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Some really kind words shared by amazing people:

Gen, thank you so very very much for all of your effort in putting this course together and for sharing your passion for business. It has been a huge missing piece that you have filled in. It's been incredible! If I'm honest, I am always hesitant to spend the investment on a course as I usually feel like it is not worth the price and leave disappointed. This is definitely NOT the case with yours. I have loved all of it!

R. H.

Today was my first time visiting Full Circle Health Network. Geneviève is an exceptional osteopath! She is extremely personable and very knowledgeable. My treatment was great, instant relief in the neck and shoulder. Great team! Highly recommend!

Jen S.

Geneviève is amazing! Our family have been seeing her for 8 or 9 years and she has been integral to us in our personal health journeys. We have seen several Full Circle Health practitioners through the years and would whole heartedly recommend them. Their office staff is incredibly helpful and kind... Thank you for all that you do.

Carolyn L.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Geneviève:

"Healing is when the mind asks what the body needs, the body replies, and the mind listens"


Hi, I'm Geneviève - I'll be guiding you on this path!


For over 13 years I've been running a busy professional osteopathic practice and wellness clinic. I love helping patients tap into the wisdom and health of their own bodies and watching them transform before my eyes.

Over my 13 years of practice I have faced many challenges in my practce. From learning how to grow a practice from scratch in a new city, moving  and merging my clinic with another (and then running it on my own again), stepping into leadership (even when it was very uncomfortable)  to finally creating a practice that supports the life I both choose and desire to live has been quite the roller coaster!

But all my practice challenges have taught me about myself, who I am and what I could achieve more than anything else in my life ever could! It is my sincere hope to share these experiences with others, help them avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls I made along the way so more practitioners are less focused on the "running of the practice" and more focused on the expansion of sharing their own healing gifts with their community and beyond.

 That’s why I’m so excited to share this work with you in hopes that you emerge more confident in your practice, enjoy more ease and most importantly - have a lot more fun!

If credentials feel important for you here are highlights of my training, education and experience:

  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Health/Gerontology) through the University of Waterloo
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy (Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Cambridge ON)
  • Master of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton ON)
  • Advanced Diploma in Animal Osteopathy (Animal Osteopathy International, UK)
  • Anatomy, physiology and treatment Instructor at Trillium College, Massage Therapy Program, Kingston ON
  • Owner of Full Circle Health Network Inc. Wellness Clinic  (Kingston ON) for 13 years