Intuitive Self Care for

Winter Workshop

Join this FREE 3 day workshop starting February 1st, 2023 (recordings available).

You'll learn to embrace winter, dissolve stress, increase self love and ignite your energy!  


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Let's look at what you'll learn in these 3 days...


Tap into your intuition and  harness the magic of winter for deep recovery and healing.


Learn to care for your body and enhance your health even when it's cold out!


Make effortless changes to your environment for a winter you'll look forward to.

Intuitive Self Care for Winter

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Use winter as your ally to  deepen your intuition & melt away stress.


You are invited to join a FREE 3-evening live workshop from February 1-3, starting at 7:30pm EST.

What you’ll learn in this FREE workshop:

 πŸ’« Tune into the cycles of the seasons and nature to live with more flow and ease
 πŸ’« Learn the power of working with the  winter season and harness it’s wisdom
 πŸ’« Understand how your routines and resolutions may be working against you
 πŸ’« Experience soothing and relaxing ways to connect to your body 
 πŸ’« Create more harmony in your relationships (romantic and otherwise) through self love
 πŸ’« Design simple rituals that honour you mind, body, and soul
 πŸ’«Discover passive ways to integrate self care that won’t cost you time or money

The Benefits you’ll gain:

πŸ’œ Simplifying chaos and creating more peace
πŸ’œ Learning to connect to your intuition 
πŸ’œ Awareness around how you may be creating your own resistance 
πŸ’œ Understanding how to let the seasons guide you
πŸ’œ Instantly boost your self confidence
πŸ’œ Deepen your gratitude for your body, exactly as it is
πŸ’œ Enjoy and appreciate your surroundings by engaging all your sense
THIS WORKSHOP IS FREE FOR ALL TO ATTEND - so please invite  and share this with your friends πŸ₯°.  
STARTS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1st at 7:30PM EST (and at the same time on Thursday and Friday)
There will be recordings made accessible in this Private Facebook Group within a few hours post live class.


Human beings are an expression of the natural world. Nature is ruled by cycles and seasons yet, as  humans, we often resist cycles in favour of routines, predictability and structure. Self care is about tapping into the deepest wants and desires, not only of your mind, but that of your body and soul- and your soul craves a rhythm. This workshop specifically brings together an understanding of the natural cycles and rhythms of the winter season, what it has to teach us and how to live in harmony with this sacred time through self care practices that are anchored in the energies of winter. Learn to release resistance, fall in love with your body and really enjoy your own company.
Dear one,
I would be grateful if you shared your time with me so I can pass along the tools that have so dramatically impacted my own life. 
By developing my understanding of how to care deeply for myself and in rhythm with the seasons, I started to experience a life that was much more in “flow” than I ever knew was possible. I feel more connected to nature. I feel more connected to and appreciative of my body and I’ve finally gotten rid of “I don’t knows” in my life because I can now hear myself clearly - I DO know what I like,  how I like it, and most importantly - how to sustainably call it all in.
It would be an honour to share some of these experiences in a way that I know can help you find more clarity, joy and peace in these winter months.
How it works:
βœ… Join the ❄️ Intuitive Self Care for Winter Workshop  β„️ private Facebook group
βœ… Classes will be held live on zoom/in the Facebook group at 7:30pm EST on Feb 1, 2 and 3
βœ… Each class will be approximately 60-90 minutes with live questions at the end
βœ… I will walk you through the concepts, ideas and tools you need to deepen your self care and self love
βœ… At the end of each class we will have a self care practice that I will lead for everyone to participate in and you'll easily be able to recreate yourself after the workshop
I look forward to sharing this time with you.
❀️ Geneviève
Manual Osteopathic Practitioner - Clinic Owner- Self care advocate

Fall in love with winter, and yourself, NOW!

From Geneviève:

The deepest love you can ever experience is based on how much you love yourself"