Emotional Anatomy for Healthcare Professionals

Learn how the human body stores emotion in postural and physical patterns to better understand your clients, make your physical treatments more effective, and get outstanding results!

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I'm ready to take my practice to the next level!

Thank you for bringing this topic forward, and making it osteopathic! It has been a growing interest of mine over the last several years as I too was getting stuck with some patients, and we are undeniably extremely complex beings. 


What you'll learn from Emotional Anatomy...


Expand your knowledge beyond body mechanics.
Through interactive learning, you'll begin to understand how emotions have their own anatomical mechanics, and how you can influence them as a practitioner while staying in your scope of practice.


Empower your clients to heal more holistically.
Give your clients tools beyond stretch and strengthen protocols: Help them understand how to interact differently with their body so that they can heal with both their body and mind.


Become a modern-day wisdom-keeper of holistic healing.

Understanding the emotional causes of physical ailments has played a significant role in many traditional and indigenous medicines. By respectfully learning from these practices and combining it with your clinical knowledge, this will transform your practice and the lives of your clients.

In this course, Gen provides practical insights into various aspects of structural dysfunction within the body. It was very interesting to learn about the implications of emotions, lifestyle and personality on the body’s structure! A vast amount of information is explained concisely along with helpful tips for identification of lesion patterns involving emotional elements. This course helps to round out the osteopathic approach to consider and support all aspects of patients, leading to better treatment outcomes. I highly recommend this course to any manual practitioner!

K.C. of Axiom Wellness Centre

Understand how emotions drive anatomy today!

You'll receive instant access to the original course recordings as well as any new live expanded training! Eligible for up to 10 Continuing Education Credit hours, you'll receive a certificate of completion!

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Take your clinical practice to the next level by deepening your understanding in the anatomy of emotions.

Without anatomy, emotions do not exist.


If you're looking for longer-lasting clinical results with your patients, all while empowering them to find deeper healing in their lives, understanding emotional anatomy will be a GAME. CHANGER.

So here's what we're learning....


Whether you join the Online Course, the In-person Intensive or both you will be expanding your knowledge of anatomy, physiology and gain incredible skills to take your treatments to the next level.  


Here's what we'll cover in the Online course:

✅ Learn how emotions are a full body phenomena that engages the full anatomical structure of the body (vs a uniquely psychological experience)

✅ How emotions create anatomical strain patterns

✅ How emotions impact the physiology in the body

✅ How to identify the difference between an emotional physical strain vs a structural physical strain

✅ Anatomy as self identity

✅ Using emotional anatomy to better assess posture, physical findings  and  communicate with clients

✅ Understanding how TCM and Ayurvedic medicine incorporate emotions into  physical/structural health

✅ Learn the interrelation between Chakras, meridians and the underlying anatomical structures

✅ How to better assess and determine root cause of a condition with an understanding of the anatomical impact of emotional states

✅ How to explain emotional findings to clients while remaining in your scope of practice (and how to refer out) 


The Benefits you’ll gain:


⭐️ Expand your understanding of anatomy and the wisdom of the body

⭐️ Learn new ways to interact authentically with your clients while providing exceptional care

⭐️ Become more confident in your assessments, treatments and communication with clients

⭐️ Empower your clients with different approaches to healing they may have never considered

⭐️ Increase your retention and referral rates (your results will speak for themselves!)

⭐️ Have more fun and enjoy really getting to know and understand the humans you support


Here's what we'll cover in the In-Person Intensive:

✅ Experience in your own body and working with others where and how emotions are held anatomically

✅ Hands-on workshops to feel different emotional patterns and how they change/influence the body

✅ How to perform a structural assessment while observing for emotional restrictions

✅ Creating energetic boundaries to decrease transference between practitioner and client

✅ Manual treatment principles and techniques to address emotional restrictions

✅ Connecting meridians and chakras to anatomy and experiencing what these highly powerful areas "feel" like


The Benefits you’ll gain:


⭐️ Improve your palpation and assessment skills 

⭐️ Learn in a positive, supportive, hands-on environment that encourages curiosity and innovation

⭐️ Become more confident in your assessments, treatments and communication with clients

⭐️ Understand treatment principles so you always know how to approach a client (even when you aren't sure what to do)

⭐️ Make confident treatment plans with clients so they get better faster

⭐️ Have more fun and enjoy really getting to know and understand the humans you support


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I really enjoyed the material and the way it was presented! I look forward to catching myself up and joining you again in the future. Thank you for being so responsive and patient with me trying to figure out the platform - I am usually better with that but appreciated your quick responses to help me join! 


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  • 4 interactive live online trainings in April 2024
  • Instant access to the original Emotional Anatomy course (6 CEU hours)
  • All classes are recorded with lifetime access
  • Eligible for 10 CEU/Continuing Education credits and a certificate of completion!
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Gen, thank you for bringing light to me yesterday! You hit the nail on the head when putting it together in regards to physical pain/inflammation and emotional state. I couldn’t see it until you brought it to my attention. I'm feeling much more clarity now! 


Frequently Asked Questions

About Geneviève:

"Healing is when the mind asks what the body needs, the body replies, and the mind listens"


Hi, I'm Geneviève!


For over 13 years I've been running a busy professional osteopathic practice and wellness clinic. I love helping patients tap into the wisdom and health of their own bodies and watching them transform before my eyes.

 I am deeply passionate about understanding nature and how it functions and impacts us as human beings. I am also deeply passionate about understanding human consciousness and how we can move through the world with more kindness, compassion and awareness. 

As I've leaned into the emotional anatomy work with my patients over the years I have seen incredible transformations both in my patients, in my treatment style and who I have become as a practitioner.

Becoming more aware of my own emotions and the emotions of others has lead to healthier interactions, better boundaries and a deeper understanding of how powerful we are as human beings and healers of our own lives.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this work with you in hopes that you emerge more confident in the human body, in it's abilities to communicate and to heal.

If credentials feel important for you here are highlights of my training, education and experience:

  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Health/Gerontology) through the University of Waterloo
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy (Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Cambridge ON)
  • Master of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton ON)
  • Advanced Diploma in Animal Osteopathy (Animal Osteopathy International, UK)
  • Anatomy, physiology and treatment Instructor at Trillium College, Massage Therapy Program, Kingston ON
  • Owner of Full Circle Health Network Inc. Wellness Clinic  (Kingston ON) for 13 years