Effortless Self Care Cycles

A 12 module, step-by-step immersion into, effortless, luxurious, self care routines that will transform every aspect of your life!

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Commit to my effortless self care system, invest only minutes each day, and watch every aspect of your life become more luxurious, passionate and fun in as little as 7 days — no dipping into your savings or unrealistic time commitments required! 

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The Good News: Your life can become happier, SEXIER and more 🤩 fun even if you are a "busy" person. 


The BETTER News:  It's way easier than you ever imaged - from one busy person to another - I'll support you through what I KNOW works  so you see the results you want NOW.

Because, let's face it — you're not here to...

...keep feeling like everything is so hard. There IS another option, and its much easier to feel good in your mind and body than you may even know!

...wake up to implement an "expert-recommended self-care" routine . You deserve to learn how easy it is  design your own magical routine that fits the life YOU want.

...to keep doing what you've been doing. Because overwork, overwhelm and poor boundaries aren't a vibe - they don't work - and I'll show you what DOES.

If you’re like me, what really matters is getting the most out of this one  crazy, magical, serendipitous life we have.

Imagine putting your self care first, every single day, and waking up each morning...

Feeling rested and focused on your wellbeing, excited to move your body, just because you love it!

With a clear mind, because you are very much living the life you are CHOOSING.

Knowing the day will flow effortlessly without the overwhelming need to control every outcome. 

Being present for your partner, children, or friends, and enjoying their company more.

I created the Effortless Self Care Cycles for you — the person who wants a simple way to fall in love with themselves - and their life ...without overcommitting.

Effortless Self Care Cycles

Here's everything that's included...

💻 12 modules with 36+ video lessons  -each video under 30 mins for easy, on the go, learning.

🙋‍♀️  Monthly Q and A calls - to help you bust through your blocks and stay on track.

📖 Beautiful printable/editable workbooks to help you go deep and get answers.

📚 Library of all live recordings surrounding each module theme

👯‍♀️  A facebook community to cheer you on.

📱 Access the course conveniently through our app - perfect for commutes!

🖊 Planners, meditations, and host of other stuff too!


Stop treating your self care like a to-do list that just isn't getting done - 

you just need a routine upgrade to fit everything YOU WANT into your day intentionally.

Here’s how it works...

Start today and experience:

❤️ Full Access to all 12 modules on self care so you can pick and choose where to start 

❤️ Access to all 12 modules so you can choose where you want to start your self care journey.

❤️All videos have audio recordings so you can listen on the go on the mobile app in your own time.

❤️ You’ll have simple workbooks to fill in each week to help you dig deep to make a real change.

❤️Join our private Facebook community and be supported by other amazing human beings on this journey with you- 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

❤️ Each month we'll have a live Question and Answer call to help you overcome the blocks keeping you trapped in routines that no longer serve you.

The first couple of months focuses on all things practical, scheduling and mindset. Laying foundations because believing you are WORTHY of taking care of yourself is the secret sauce to this journey.

Then we start to dive into some of the biggest blocks people hold around their self care. This is where we can rewrite all the stories you have told yourself about your body, your money and a host of other things in your life.

We also explore how you are showing up in your different relationships to help you create deeper connections all round. So this means we can show up as the best version of ourselves for the people we love.

We round up the whole immersion by diving into who you are at your core on a deeper, more spiritual level so you will know you have all the tools you need for success and a shining beacon for what’s next in your life.

Come take a look inside...

You shouldn’t have to do this alone, especially when it's this easy. 

Hi, I’m Geneviève Zizzo, and I'm here to help!


For 12 years I've been running a busy professional osteopathic practice and wellness clinic. I love helping patients tap into the wisdom and health of their own bodies and watching them transform before my eyes.

Like most of us over the past couple of years I've had some very challenging times.  Owning a wellness clinic in a pandemic, losing 3 of our dogs to cancer and experiencing the more vulnerable aspects of marriage and finances  pushed me to double down on the self care that was so essential to my health. 

And through this my motto in life started to evolve - every solution I needed was on the other side of self care. Taking care of myself WAS taking care of everyone else around me.  I wasn’t just going to wake up in my fantasy dream life - I had to make it my own reality.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the incredible tips, tools and processes that work for me and my clients.

I know if there are more of us out there who feel empowered around our self care, this world and planet is going to be better for it.


Nothing’s worse than trying to create a life that just doesn't seem possible...

Can I show you exactly how you can change this...

✨Invest just 1-2 hours a week in yourself to start manifesting the changes you want.  Each module is designed to support all aspects of your life - if you can dedicate 30 mins to learning and 30 mins to practicing self care every week you are well on your way to a completely upgraded life. We also have different materials to support whatever learning style best suits you - from audios on the app, video content and  workbooks you can print out or fill in on your tablet - this has been designed with you in mind! 

✨You can become a self care master - even if you are hella' busy! — I'm a busy person - who learned the hard way just how important self care was. These are all the tips and tricks I learned along the way even if organization and structure is not your forte (🙋‍♀️). I've even included a full module dedicated to help you explore new ways of managing time so you never end up shorting yourself again!

✨You are in good company. There's a lot of people who are waking up to the need for better self care - and I'm working to bring these souls together! Once you join you will have access to our Private facebook group as well as the course comments to seek advice, feedback or just a little extra love in those times you may need some. 

We also include meditations, playlists and other bonuses so you can learn and tap into what's calling you. It's about making it fit into what works for you. 

✨This isn't about perfection, it's about progress. 

Let's be real - life throws us curve balls  (hello Mercury 🪐 retrograde!) and that's when we need our self care most. This program is for real people and includes real strategies for the days when you just want to throw yourself a pity party (nothing wrong with that!) but we'll give you the tools you need to quickly dust yourself off and get you back in high vibe mode! 


Most importantly - I'm here to cheer you on. If you think it's not working - it may be a sing you are at the precipice of change. If you think your situation is the exception , I'll be here to help you see it differently. Self care is all about perspective - and we see ourselves more clearly when others reflect back to us the greatness that's within us. I'm here to remind you just how great you are, even if you aren't quite there yourself.


Here’s what others are asking...


I'm not seeking outside validation any more.

"My relationship with myself, my friends, my family, my job, my food, my finances, my mindset have completely changed (with this program)... It was tiny little changes every month that we focused on very specifically, and those tiny little changes add up to such an amazing thing!"

Professional Singer & Legal professional

A gift that lasts a lifetime, and makes it better in the process 

"This incredible program has allowed me to see and live my life with more gentleness. (This program) takes 12 life areas and breaks each of them down and shows you how to implement very simple daily steps...often costing NOTHING...which completely changes  your outlook and approach to each aspect of your life.

You learn quickly that you can change ANYTHING around you and it's usually easy to do- you just have to take the first step.

The monthly calls help to solidify everything you learn plus how amazing that you can repeat the whole program including all live calls at no charge with lifetime access!"

Osteopathic Practitioner & Entrepreneur

You're covered by my 100% money back guarantee.

We know how transformational this program is but if for whatever reason you feel it doesn’t resonate and connect with you we offer a 14 day money back guarantee - no questions asked. If you feel this is not the right program for you at any time during your first 14 days we will refund you every penny.